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Deadzone Enforcer captain

In between commissions I have been working through the large pile of plastic I picked up through various kickstarters last year. I have not painted a lot beyond LOTR so this is a chance to get experience with different styles of miniature. I started with the deadzone enforcers since power armour is a common form of protection across many sci fi settings.

I initially tried using an airbrush for this without much success. There are a few technical issues I have yet to overcome with the airbrush so returned to the traditional paint brush. The technique I used to paint the armour is a type of wet blending. Essentially I would put on the shade, highlight and midtone on to an area of the model and then used a clean brush to blend the three together whilst the paint was still wet. The tricky part is the paint consistency. It needs to be thinned to sufficient transparency to allow each pass to build on the previous layer. But not so thin the paint cannot be controlled.

Since this is only a basic gaming standard I achieved opacity with three layers. To further refine the blending and correct any errors I used a few glazes. Additional contrast was added with edge highlighting and selective application of warpaint strong tone.

The bases was done using several pieces of cork and dried earth. I added variation and depth by applying Vallejo oiled earth wash mixed with different pigments.

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  1. Mighty impressive, really good to see your skills at painting translate to other ranges and your LOTR miniatures are second to none.