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A new post!

I realise that I've neglected the blog for a long time now. This was partly from hitting a lengthy burnout period followed by some annoying image editing problems and once I got out of the habit of checking the site I pretty much forgot about it. 

For at least the next week I'll be making amends by posting some of the models I've painted recently.

The first is a twilight ringwraith. I started by applying ivory, blue green and dark turquoise onto the general areas of light and shade using the wet blending method. After a couple of layers of this I used glazes to clean the transitions and add depth. To finish I drybrushed the metals and then the entire model with ivory. In total, including the rudimentary base, this took less than an hour for a satisfactory result.

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  1. Wish I could knock something like that out in an hour, nice work.