This blog is no longer being updated. For my latest tutorials please visit

I now have a youtube channel which you can view here. I don't really know what I'm doing so don't expect any Sorastro quality videos, but if you are curious as to how I paint then head over to my channel. Who knows, maybe I'll do that tutorial on painting leather.

Blog update

I originally setup this blog to help promote my commission painting business and by this criteria has been something of a failure. My first mistake was not to google the potential names when creating the business. If I had done I would have learnt of the Merrivale model village in Great Yarmouth.

It hasn't helped that my natural inclination is to maintain a low profile in both the real and online world. There are more people who think I run a dog grooming business than a miniature painting one after a facebook post gone wrong. However, having ended my off the grid lifestyle by acquiring a mobile phone, I have decided to make more of an effort to engage in the world of social media.

The first step was assigning a business page to the blog. All future updates and comments etc will be through that rather than my personal profile and you can find it here:

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