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Painting Galadriel

In this tutorial I will go through the steps involved in painting Galadriel's hair and face.

Paint list

Vallejo model colour
Burnt umber
Green ochre
Dark sand
Off white
Flat flesh
Old rose
Blue green
Light flesh

Bugman's glow

1. The hair was given a heavy wash of burnt umber.
2. An opaque coat of green ochre was layered leaving the previous colour in the recesses.
3. The first highlight was a mix of green ochre and dark sand applied broadly over most of the hair.
4. A highlight of pure dark sand was applied focusing on the curls.

5 - 6. The hair was finished with further highlights of dark sand and off white.
7. The face was basecoated with to thin layers of flat flesh.
8. Two washes of bugman's glow were applied to give a more red colour and add definition.

9. A glaze of Burnt umber was applied to the darkest parts such as the hairline and around the eyes.
10. Additional glazes of bugman's glow and old rose were applied to the cheeks and lips.
11. The first highlight to the skin was done with flat flesh with very small amounts of blue green and light flesh.
12. The eyeball was painted with light flesh. The iris was coloured with blue green.

13. Several glazes of flat flesh and bugman's glow were applied to smooth the transitions and correct the colour.
14 -15. Highlights of flat flesh and light flesh were applied.
16. A final highlight of off white was applied to the browline and bridge of the nose.

The end result.

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