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Painting Putrid Blightking

I'm not much of a fan of GW's warhammer range what with all the skulls, jewels and other unnecessary adornments. But I did enjoy painting the Putrid Blightkings when they were originally released last year. With them getting a rerelease with the change to round bases for Age of Sigmar I decided to pick up another box and write a tutorial.

Paint list:

Jack bone
Ordic olive

Gun metal
Chaotic red
Greedy gold

Vallejo model colour:
Flat earth
Coal black
Off white
Rust pigments

Vallejo game colour:
Charred brown
Heavy sienna

Athoian camoshade
Mithril silver

I started by basecoating all areas of the model. 
Armour - ordic olive
Skin - jack bone
Leather pouch and straps - heavy sienna
Loin cloth - charred brown
The grey metal parts were undercoated black before painting with gun metal.
The brown metal parts were undercoated charred brown before painting with a mix of charred brown and greedy gold.

Followed by washes.
Armour - ordic olive/chaotic red mix
Skin - jack bone/purple mix
Loin cloth - charred brown/black mix
Leather - heavy sienna/black mix

To further shade the armour I used several glazes of ordic olive/chaotic red mix. Highlights were done with a mix of ordic olive and off white.

Before finishing the armour I mixed a dark turquoise colour from coal black and black. I use this combination a lot for deep shading so made sure to mix enough for the entire session. 

This mix was added to the previous shade colour and applied to the recesses and joints of the armour. An edge highlight of mostly of olive/white was applied quite roughly to give a worn appearence.

To paint the skin I used several washes of purple concentrating on the lower part of the belly and forearms before a final recess wash of purple/coal black/black. The skin was then highlighted with a mix of the basecolour plus off white.

To paint the metal parts I used a wash of smoke followed by glazes and the dark turquoise mix. The edge highlight was done with the base metal plus mithril silver.

For the loin cloth and leather parts I first glazed two thin layers flat earth before stippling flat earth to create a spotted texture. Further stippling was done with flat earth and off white mixes. A thin wash of smoke and black was used to add depth.

The model was finished with rust pigments mixed with water and smoke on the armour and weapons, and washes of Athoian camoshade on the skin.

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