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Painting Theoden

This tutorial is for painting the armour, hair and face of the model of Theoden from Lord of the Rings.

Paint list

Chaotic red - warpaints
Gun metal - warpaints
Greedy gold - warpaints
Turquoise - vallejo model colour
Black - vallejo model colour
Green ochre - vallejo model colour
Burnt umber - vallejo model colour
Dark sand - vallejo model colour
Flat brown - vallejo model colour
Dark flesh - vallejo game colour
Mithril silver - citadel
Bugman's glow - citadel
Hammerfall khaki - P3
Green ink - P3
Brown ink - P3

1. The model was primed with black and white vallejo polyurethane primer.
2. The armour was given a heavy was of charred brown.
3. The gold parts were painted with greedy gold.
4. A highlight of mithril silver was applied to the gold.

5. A mixture of green and brown ink was glazed onto the gold for shading.
6. The armour was given a basecoat of chaotic red.
7. A wash of green and brown ink was applied to the red armour.
8. The highlight for the armour was dark flesh.

9. The hair was given a basecoat of green ochre.
10. A wash of burnt umber was applied to add definition.
11 -12. Increasing amounts of dark sand were added to green ochre to highlight the hair.

13. The face was basecoated with a mix of hammerfall khaki and bugman's glow.
14. A wash of bugman's glow was applied.
15. Ivory was added to the basecolour for the highlights.
16. Further shading was done with burnt umber.

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