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Age of Sigmar: Painting Khorne blood reaver skin

In this tutorial I will describe my method for painting the skin of the Khorne blood reavers. I also have a tutorial for the armour here.

Paint list with citadel compatibles

Trollblood highlight - P3 (rakarth flesh)
Dark prussian blue - vallejo model colour (kantor blue)
Charred brown - vallejo game colour (rhinox hide)
Flesh shade - citadel
Ryn flesh - P3 (flayed one flesh)

The model was primed first black then grey.

The basecolour is trollblood highlight. This is a very low chroma yellow which I applied with an airbrush. This is one of those P3 paints that can dry with a gloss finish and using an airbrush keeps it matte.

I made a wash from the basecolour with a little blue added and applied all over the skin.

I made another mix with the basecolour and more blue and applied this to the recesses of the muscles.

Further shading was done with a mix of blue and brown.

The highlights were done with a mix of the basecolour and ryn flesh. This was applied as a thin layer over most of the raised surface of the muscles to lighten the area as well as restore some of the original colour.

In this step I applied diluted flesh shade to the highlighted parts. I used an airbrush for this but if you do not have one then apply neatly with a brush avoiding the blue shaded parts.

The final highlight was ryn flesh applied to the most prominent parts of the skin and face.

The finished model.

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