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How to make low cost weathering pigments

Weathering pigments are a useful tool for miniature painting adding realistic dirt, rust and many other effects to our models. They can be quite expensive, however, with individual pots costing around $3-4 dollars. Fortunately a low cost alternative can be found in drawing chalks and with a little manual labour a palette of twelve pigments can be made for $6.

What you need

Drawings chalks - I have used a couple of packs of drawing chalks picked up at a back to school sale for $1 each.
Containers - I found these containers at the jewellry making section of a local craft store.
Mortar and pestle
Large brush
Filtration mask - optional but recommended
Kitchen towels and other cleaning materials.

Each stick of chalk was crushed into a fine powder with the mortar and pestle. This is quite a messy processes and I would suggest doing this in the kitchen or at least protecting the work surface with a cutting board or newspaper. I wore a filtration mask and also turned on the extraction fan to protect my lungs from the dust.

I used a large flat brush to move the powder into the container.

Between each colour I cleaned the brush, mortar and pestle with hot soapy water to minimise the cross contamination of colours. I also ensured they were thoroughly dried before using again.

Once all of the chalk has been pulverised all that is left is to clean up the mess!

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