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Zombicide: Painting a zombie tutorial

In this article I will describe my method for painting zombies. This is a quick and fairly easy method that can be also applied for many other types of model for a good looking gaming standard.

Paint list

Dark flesh - vallejo game colour
Barbarian flesh - warpaints
Deck tan - vallejo model colour
Ratskin flesh - citadel
Burnt umber - vmc
Dark sand - vmc
Thrall flesh - p3
Strong tone - warpaints
Soft tone - warpaints
Blue ink - warpaints
Red ink - warpaints
Purple ink - warpaints
Camo shade - citadel
Flesh shade - citadel
The first step is the preshading and for this I use several colours through an airbrush over a black undercoat.

Dark flesh
Barbarian flesh
Deck tan

If you do not have an airbrush you can use a couple of coloured primers.

For the basecoat I applied two thin layers to get an even coverage that still showed the preshading underneath.

Jumpsuit - ratskin flesh
Hair - mix of burnt umber and dark sand
Shoes - deck tan
Hard skin - dark flesh
Normal skin - Thrall flesh with a small amount of barbarian flesh and dark sand.

The highlights were done by adding deck tan and dark sand to the basecolour and using the preshading as a guide as to placement.

The remainder of the painting was done with the washes. These were applied neatly, small amounts at a time, with several layers of each colour being used. I started off using a colour close to the basecoat which for most of the model was the flesh shade.

To add further definition I used, well pretty much all of the washes I had, slowly increasing the contrast with each layer. As a general rule I brought in complementary colours such as blues and greens and finished with strong tone in the darkest recesses.

Here's the finished model.

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