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Age of Sigmar: Painting Stormcast Eternal armour

in this tutorial I will describe my method for painting the armour of the Stormcast Eternals from Age of Sigmar.

Paint list

Gun metal - warpaints
Gold - warpaints
Silver - warpaints
Smoke - vallejo model colour
Turquoise - vmc
Blue green - vmc
Black - warpaints
Flesh wash - warpaints
Blue wash - warpaints
Strong wash - warpaints
Liquid mask

The model was primed with vallejo black primer.

1. Airbrush gun metal covering all metal parts of the model.

2. Airbrush a mix of gold and gun metal onto the armour and trim of the shield.

3. Airbrush the same parts with gold mixed with a small amount of silver as a zenithal highlight.

4. Airbrush flesh wash to parts that are to be shaded

5. Airbrush a mix of blue and strong wash as further shading.

6. With a brush paint the shoulder pads and shield with silver.

7. Line the armour plates with a mix of black and turquoise.

8. Drybrush the armour with silver.

9. Edge highlight with silver.

10. Apply a layer of liquid mask over the shoulder pad and shield and allow to dry. Then paint the parts with a mix of turquoise and blue green.

11. Using a tooth pick scratch away at the blue green. I find applying some water first will soften the paint and make it easier to remove.

12. Apply a mix of smoke, turquoise and black as a wash.

13. To finish apply a light drybrush to the shield and shoulder pads.

Here is the finished model.