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How to paint Rogue

This tutorial is for painting Rogue by Knight Models.

Paint list 

Army Painter Warpaints

Daemonic yellow
Desert Brown
Leather brown
Fur brown
Oak brown
Skeleton bone
Goblin green
Angel green
Necrotic flesh
Matt white
Babarian flesh
Pure red
Strong tone ink
Red tone ink
Flesh tone ink
Blue tone ink

Natural umber pigment - vallejo model colour

I started by basecoating all areas of the model with the following:

Clothing - daemonic yellow and goblin green
Skin - wash of barbarian flesh
Jacket - leather brown
Hair - wash of oak brown


The green clothing was shaded with first greenskin and then angel green. I used 3-4 thin layers of each colour reducing the area of application as the shading increased. An outline was done with angel green and black.

The highlighting was done with a mix of goblin green and skeleton bone. 

I started shading the yellow with thin layers of desert yellow.

I mixed in fur brown to increase the shading.

The highlighting was done by adding skeleton bone to the basecolour. 

A final highlight of white was added sparingly to the folds of the clothing.

The face was washed with flesh tone ink.

A mix of barbarian flesh and skeleton bone was applied to all bar the eyes, outline of the nose and mouth.

A highlight was applied to the nose, under the eyes and brow.

Several layers of flesh tone ink was applied neatly to the cheeks and lips.

The eyes were painted with white.

The iris was painted with angel green.

The pupil was painted with black.

The hair was given a wash of soft tone ink.

Then a wash of red tone ink.

And finally a wash of strong tone ink.

The white hair was basecoated with a mix of skeleton bone and white, washed with soft tone ink, and highlighted with white.

The jacket was shaded with strong tone ink. Several layers were applied selectively to the underside of the folds.

 Highlights were done with a mix of leather brown and skeleton bone.

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