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How to paint Captain America

This tutorial is for painting Captain America from Knight Models.

Paints from Army Painter's Warpaints range

Crystal blue
Deep blue
Skeleton bone
Matt white
Matt black
Pure red
Chaotic red
Fur brown
Barbarian flesh
Ash grey
Leather brown
Lava orange
Oak brown
Blue tone ink
Red tone ink
Soft tone ink

The blue clothing was basecoated with several thin layers of crystal blue. 

To shade the blue I used an equal mix of crystal blue and deep blue. Rather than diluting this with water I added two drops of blue tone ink. This helps the paint to settle in the recesses and increases the transparency, allowing for smooth transitions. This mix was applied to the folds, under the muscles and other shaded areas such as the insides of the legs.

Further shading was done with a mix of deep blue and blue tone ink.

Finally red tone ink was added to the previous mix for the darkest shading.

The first highlight was done with a mix crystal blue and skeleton bone and was applied to the upper facing surfaces and folds. On the torso the highlight was applied broadly as the individual scales will be defined at a later stage.

Adding white to the mix, the final highlights were to pick out the edges of the folds and details of the torso.

A mix of black, deep blue and blue ink was used to outline the clothing and scales.

The boots and gloves were basecoated with an equal mix of pure red and fur brown.

To shade the red I used a mix of the basecolour, chaotic red and red tone ink.

 The highlights were done with a mix of the basecolour and barbarian flesh.

The red stripes were painted with pure red.

Shaded with chaotic red and highlighted with lava orange and skeleton bone.

The white was basecoated with a mix of ash grey and white.

To shade I used a grey/purple mix from ash grey, blue tone ink and red ink and then highlighted with white.

The belt and pouches were painted with leather brown.

A wash of strong tone ink and oak brown was applied all over.

An edge highlight was done with skeleton bone.

The face was basecoated with barbarian flesh.

Washed with flesh tone ink.

The highlights were done by first adding skeleton bone to the basecolour.

Then by adding white.

The basecolours for the shield were pure red, crystal blue and a mix of ash grey and white. I used only a small amount of diluted paint on the brush and applied many layers going back and forth between the colours until I was satisfied with the result.

Using a mix of blue and red tone I carefully applied an outline to each ring. I decided to try a non-metallic metal finish to the shield. If you would prefer a flat look then either stop at this step or shade/highlight the shield using colour combinations from previous steps.

I started the nmm by laying down the radial reflections with diluted white paint. These can be placed however you prefer.

Using the purple wash mix I applied shading to the lower half of the shield. I used a sweeping motion with the side of the brush leaving a clean area next to the reflections.

With diluted white I applied highlights going in the opposite direction of the shading.

I repeated the previous two steps several times to increase the contrast.

Using a mix of the basecolour and white I edge highlighted each ring.

With diluted black I went over the outline again.

Here is the finished model.

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