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How to paint Deadpool

This tutorial is for painting Deadpool by Knight Models.

All paints from Army Painter's Warpaints range.

Matt black
Matt white
Pure red
Dragon red
Hydra turquoise
Crystal blue
Oak brown
Leather brown
Red tone ink
Strong tone ink

I started with a 2-3 layers of pure red using the artwork as a guide.

I haven't used the washes much in these tutorials so I thought I would give the red an all over wash of red tone ink.

I added a little black to the red tone and used this to enhance the shading.

I added a little white to the pure red and applied this as a broad highlight on the edges, muscles and folds of the red suit.

 Adding more white to the mix I increased the contrast on the highlights.

 The black was basecoated with black!

With a mix of hydra turquoise and black I lightened the suit leaving black only in the recesses.

I added white to the mix and highlighted the usual places.

  More highlights

The straps and pouches were basecoated with leather brown.

Then washed with strong tone ink.

Further shading was done with a mix of oak brown and a little black.

Highlights were done with skeleton bone.

The swords were basecoated with a mix and crystal blue.

To shade the swords I used a very dilute layer crystal blue.

Highlights were done with white.

Final details.

To finish the model I black lined all joints and recesses then applied a sharp highlight of white to a few places on the suit.

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