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How to paint Gambit

This tutorial is for painting Gambit from Knight Models.

All paints from Army Painter's Warpaints range

Leather brown
Oak brown
Desert yellow
Skeleton bone
Monster brown
Barbarian flesh
Matt white
Matt black
Pure red
Alien purple
Army green
Strong tone ink
Purple tone ink
Red tone ink
Green tone ink
Flesh tone ink

I started by painted the coat with leather brown.

The shading was started with a mix of leather brown, oak brown and strong tone ink. This was applied to the underside of folds and creases, under the arms and other areas that are turned away from the light.

With a mix oak brown and strong tone ink the shading was increased.

I added a little black to the previous mix to deepen the shading.

To add a little variation to the colour of the jacket I neatly applied diluted green tone ink to select areas such as the lower back sides of the sleeves. The green will contrast with the warmer brown and also the magenta to be used later.

The first highlight was done with a mix of leather brown and desert yellow. This was applied to the folds and upper facing surfaces of the coat.

Adding more desert yellow and a little skeleton bone to increase the highlights.

A final highlight of skeleton bone was applied sparingly to the edges.

The face was basecoated with monster brown.

The shading was done with a mix of fur brown and flesh tone ink. This was applied to the eyes, sides of the nose, lips, and cheeks.

A first broad highlight of monster brown and barbarian flesh was applied to most of the face apart from the shaded areas.

A highlight of skeleton bone was used to define the facial structure.

The hair was basecoated with oak brown with added strong tone ink to help it settle between the hair strands. This was followed by a dilute black wash.

The hair strands were picked out individually with oak brown.

Then highlighted with a mix of oak brown and skeleton bone.

The body suit was basecoated with a mix of black and army green.

This was highlighted by adding increasing amounts of white and army green.

With the highlights done I applied several glazes first of green tone ink then black to deepen the colour and shading.

The chest piece was basecoated with a mix of alien purple and pure red. If you would prefer a brighter colour you may want to apply an under coat of white or skeleton bone first.

With a mix of purple and red tone ink the muscles were outlined.

A broad highlight was done with the basecolou and white.

The dark green mix of black and army green was used to add more definition.

The purple and red tone mix was used to smooth the transitions between highlights and basecolour.

A near white mix was used as an edge highlight.

A second finer edge highlight of pure white was then applied.

To break the symmetry I added small white specular reflections.

The boots and staff were basecoated with a mix of white and army green.

Using very dilute darker and lighter mixes I sketched the placement of shade and highlight. There's no need for anything fancy here just imagine which parts will be lit from a the light source and which parts are turning away from the light source.

I made more passes to adjust the light placement and increase the contrast.

Once I was satisfied with the position of the light and shade I used very dilute glazes to smooth out the transitions.

Using the magenta mix I lined each of the plates.

Using white paint I outlined each plate.

The upper surface of the staff was painted with an off white mix. The underside was painted with a dark green mix leaving a small amount of the base colour between the light and dark.

A highlight of white was applied to the staff.

The magenta mix was painted along the length of the staff on the transition between light and dark.

Final details

- the cards were painted grey, highlighted with white, and a card design was painted with black.
- the chest details were picked out with off white.
- the eyes were painted with the magenta mix and highlighted with a basecolour plus white mix.

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