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How to paint Bard the Bowman

All paints from Army Painter's Warpaints.

Oak brown
Leather brown
Desert yellow
Monster brown
Barbarian flesh
Alien purple
Chaotic red
Lava orange
Matt white
Matt black
Blue tone ink
Flesh tone ink
Strong tone ink

The jacket was basecoated with oak brown.

Leather brown was painted onto the folds of the jacket as a broad highlight.

A mix of leather brown and desert yellow was stippled on as a highlight.

More stippling was done with desert yellow. I also added some scratches.

The final stippling was done with a mix of desert yellow and skeleton bone.

Blue tone ink was used to shade the jacket and add patches of wear.

Strong tone was painted onto the creases to increase the shading. A thin glaze of flesh tone ink was applied over the entire jacket to unify the different tones.

The fur lining was basecoated with monster brown.

The fur was washed with strong tone ink.

More strong tone was added along the joins of the fur and jacket and on areas were I wanted deeper shading.

The first highlight was done with a mix of monster brown and white.

More white was added to the mix and used to pick out a few highlights on the fur.

I basecoated the following as such
Tunic - desert yellow with a small amount of black
Pants - alien purple
Boots - leather brown

Several washes/glazes of strong tone and purple tone were applied to the jacket, pants and boots.

The first highlight was done with a mix of the basecolour and desert yellow.

More highlighting was done by adding white to the previous mixes.

Quiver - chaotic red and black
Bow - oak brown and black
Flights - lava orange and oak brown

A wash of strong tone ink was applied.

Quiver - highlighted with chaotic red
Bow - highlighted with a mix of oak brown and skeleton bone.
Flights - highlighted with a mix of lava orange and skeleton bone.

Quiver - highlighted with mix of chaotic red and skeleton bone.

The hair was basecoated with a mix of oak brown and black, washed with dark tone, and highlighted with oak brown and skeleton bone.

The skin was basecoated with barbarian flesh.

Then washed with flesh tone ink.

Purple tone ink was applied to the recesses of the face and between the fingers.

The skin was highlighted by adding increasing amounts of white to the basecolour.

The finished model.

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