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Painting tutorial: Knight Models' Ares

This tutorial is for Ares from Knight Models.

Paint list

All paints from Army Painters' Warpaints range

Matt black
Matt white
Oak brown
Leather brown
Ash grey
Uniform grey
Daemonic yellow
Tanned flesh
Barbarian flesh
Skeleton bone
Flesh wash
Strong tone
Soft tone

The model was basecoated as follows

Black - matt black
Grey - uniform grey
Yellow - daemonic yellow and leather brown mix
Skin - tanned flesh

The model was sprayed with white.

A dilute mix of daemonic yellow and black was used to sketch in the shading.

Glazes of flesh wash was applied to the transition of the yellow and shading.

Soft tone was applied to the shading with care taken not to cover all of the previous layer.

A small amount of black was applied along the darkest boundry of the shaded parts.

A highlight of daemonic yellow and white was applied along the edges.

Matt white was applied to the brightest parts.

A mix of black, uniform grey and a small amount of oak brown was applied over the pants.

The pants were highlighted by with a mix made from adding more uniform grey to the previous colour.

Uniform grey was applied sparingly to the folds of the pants.

Glazes of black were used to darken the overall colour of the pants and add shading.

Flesh was was applied for the initial shading of the skin.

Followed by several glazes of soft tone.

 Diluted oak brown was used for the darkest shading.

Barbarian flesh was applied to the lit parts of the skin.

A further highlight to the skin was done with a mix of barbarian flesh and skeleton bone.

Skeleton bone was applied to the brightest parts of the skin.

The leather was given a heavy wash made from oak brown and strong tone.

Matt black was used to outline all parts of the leather.

Leather brown was applied as an edge highlight.

Skeleton bone was applied as another edge highlight.

Very dilute black was used to sketch the shading on the grey metal.

More glazes of black were used to increase the shading.

Glazes of uniform grey and black were used to smooth the transitions.

Ash grey was applied as a highlight.

An edge highlight was done with a mix of ash grey and white.

A final highlight of white was applied to the upper edges and corners.

The black armour was basecoated with a dark mix of black and hawk turquoise.

More turquoise was added to the mix and applied as a highlight.

A mix of hawk turquoise and white was applied as a highlight.

Final details

The skull was basecoated with ash grey and highlighted with white.

The helmet hair was basecoated with leather brown, washed with soft tone and highlighted with skeleton bone.

The finished model

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