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Painting tutorial: Knight Models' Ms Marvel

This tutorial is for Ms Marvel from Knight Models

Paint list

All paints from Army Painters' Warpaints range

Chaotic red
Pure red
Dragon red
Lava orange
Skeleton bone
Daemonic yellow
Desert yellow
Matt white
Matt black
Hawk turquoise
Tanned flesh
Barbarian flesh
Flesh wash

The model was basecoated as follows

Red - dragon red
Yellow - daemonic yellow
Black - matt black
Skin - Barbarian flesh

The model was sprayed white.

Pure red was applied to all of the red parts that were hit with the white.

Chaotic red was applied as a shade.

A mix of chaotic red and black was then applied as a further shade.

A mix of pure red and lava orange was applied as a highlight.

A mix of lava orange and skeleton bone was applied sparingly as a highlight.

The brightest points were picked out with skeleton bone.

A very dilute layer of pure red was applied all over the red clothing to bring back the red colour.

3-4 glazes using diluted flesh wash were applied to the skin.

Barbarian flesh was applied to all of the lit parts of the skin.

A little skeleton bone was added to barbarian flesh and applied as  a highlight.

More skeleton bone was added to the mix and applied to the brightest parts of the skin.

Matt white was applied as an edge highlight.

A mix of hawk turquoise and black was applied to the black parts.

A little white was added to the previous mix and applied as a highlight.

Matt white was used as a final highlight.

Glazes of black were used as a shade.

The hair was washed with a mix of flesh was and soft tone wash.

A second wash was done with soft tone.

A mix of daemonic yellow and desert yellow was applied to the hair strands.

Skeleton bone was used as a highlight.

A final highlight of white was used to pick out the brightest points of the hair.

The finished model.


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