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Painting tutorial: Achilles

This tutorial is for Achilles from Infinity.

All paints from Army Painter's Warpaints range

Matt white
Matt black
Wolf grey
Ash grey
Deep blue
Desert yellow
Tanned flesh
Barbarian flesh
Skeleton bone
Monster brown
Oak brown
Purple tone
Red tone
Blue tone
Strong tone
Dark tone
Flesh tone

The model was basecoated with the following

Sword - wolf grey and white
Black armour and gun - wolf grey and black
White armour - white, skeleton bone and ash grey
Skin - tanned flesh and monster brown
Hair and hilt - desert yellow

A lighter mix of wolf grey and black was applied over most of the black armour plates leaving the darker colour in the recesses.

More wolf grey was added to highlight the black.

Then pure wolf grey.

The armour plates were outlines with black.

An edge highlight of wolf grey and white was applied to all of the armour plates.

A second edge highlight of white was added to the upper surfaces and corners.

Small white specular highlights where added to enhance the form.

Finally, glazes of black were used to darken the armour and smooth the transitions.

The gun was painted in a similar way to the armour. The first edge highlight is wolf grey, followed by wolf grey and white and finally white. Black glazes were applied to clean up.

To paint the sword several thin layers of increasingly darker paint were applied with each layer covering a smaller area. The first colour was wolf grey, followed by wolf grey and deep blue and finally deep blue.

Blue tone was washed into the detailing on the sword. An edge highlight was applied with white and finally black glazes were applied to increase the contrast.

The white armour was shaded with a mix of the basecolour and wolf grey. This was applied to all bar the lightest parts of the armour. Further shading was done with dilute wolf grey and finally strong tone.

The armour plates were lined with a mix of red and purple tone.

The a mix of skeleton bone and white was applied as a broad highlight. This was followed with an edge highlight of white.

The face and hair were washed with the following:
Hair - oak brown and strong tone.
Face - strong tone and flesh tone.

Dark tone was added to the above mixes to add deeper shading were required.

Desert yellow was applied to the hair strands. Then highlighted by adding increasing amounts of white to desert yellow with the final highlight being white only.

A mix of monster brown and barbarian flesh was applied to the skin leaving the dark in the recesses. Skeleton bone was added to this mix as the first highlight. The skin was lighted further by adding white. Glazes of flesh tone and purple tone were used to smooth the transitions.

The finished model.


  1. Greate job. Many thanks for this tutorial!

  2. Awesome! How did you prime the model?

  3. I used grey polyurethane primer from Vallejo applied with an airbrush.

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