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Painting tutorial: Shasvarstii gwailos

This painting tutorial is for the shasvarstii gwailos for Infinity.

Paint list

For this model I used a mix of paints from The Army Painter's warpaints range and the others paint set.

Monster brown
Hydra turquoise
Matt white
Matt black
Oak brown
Ash grey
Necrotic flesh
Strong tone ink
Flesh tone ink
Dark tone ink

The skin was basecoated with a mix of monster brown and lust.

Then washed with flesh tone ink.

Followed by a second wash of strong tone ink mixed with oak brown and water.

The basecolour was reapplied leaving the shading in the recesses.

A highlight of lust was applied to the edges and raised parts of the skin.

Some of the armour plates were basecoated with envy.

These plates were given a wash of green tone ink, envy and water.

Several glazes of green tone ink were applied to increase the shading.

A highlight of envy and pride was applied to the upper surfaces of the armour and to the edges.

An edge highlight was done with a mix of pride and white.

Glazes of flesh tone ink was applied to the highlighted parts to add a little colour variation.

The remaining armour plates were basecoated with oak brown.

Followed by a wash of strong tone ink.

The first edge highlight was done with envy.

A second edge highlight was done with a mix of envy and necrotic flesh.

All remaining parts except for the gun were basecoated with hydra turquoise.

Then washed with dark tone ink.

A first edge highlight was applied with a mix of hydra turquoise and white.

Followed by an edge highlight of white.

The gun was basecoated with sloth.

Then given a wash of dark tone ink.

Highlighted with ash grey.

Then white.

Finally, a mix of oak brown and black was used to outline all of the parts for better definition.

The finished model:

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