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Painting tutorial for Walking Dead All Out War Rick Grimes

Paint list - all paints from The Army Painter

Ash grey
Barbarian flesh
Crystal blue
Daemonic yellow
Desert yellow
Dungeon grey
Electric blue
Fire lizard
Matt black
Matt white
Monster brown
Oak brown
Skeleton bone
Blue tone ink
Dark tone ink
Flesh tone ink
Soft tone ink
Strong tone ink

The model was first prepared by spraying with a black spray primer then grey primer.

The skin was given a basecoat of monster brown.

This was given a wash of flesh tone ink.

Followed by a wash of soft tone ink diluted with an equal amount of water.

A mix of monster brown and barbarian flesh was applied to the skin leaving the shaded parts in the recesses untouched.

A highlight colour was mixed from the previous colour and skeleton bone. This was applied broadly to the raised parts of the face and hands.

A fine highlight was applied with a mix of the previous colour and white.

Several layers of blue and soft tone inks diluted with water was applied to the lower part of the face to give the model an unshaven look.

The eyes were painted with a mix of white and a little barbarian flesh.

The irises were painted with crystal blue.

The pupils were painted with a mix of black and a little barbarian flesh.

Flesh tone ink was painted around the eye to clean up the shape.

The hair was basecoated with oak brown.

Then washed with strong tone ink.

The strands of hair were highlighted with monster brown.

The shirt was basecoated with electric blue.

Two washes of blue tone ink were then applied.

Electric blue was then reapplied leaving the shade colour in the recesses.

A highlight of electric blue and white was applied to the edges and creases of the shirt.

The buttons were basecoated black and monster brown was applied to the trim above the pockets.

The highlights to the buttons and trim were done with ash grey and deamonic yellow.

An additional highlight to both the buttons and trim was done with white.

The jacket was basecoated with oak brown.

Then given two washes of dark tone ink. Whilst I waited for the ink to dry I painted the boots and weapons with black and the pants with a mix of dungeon grey and black.

Using a mix of oak brown and fire lizard I highlighted the jacket by painting lines and dots to simulate a worn leather appearance.

A second highlight was done in a similar fashion using fire lizard.

A final highlight was done with desert yellow.

Several dilute layers of soft tone ink were applied to tone down the weathering effect.

The pants were highlighted with dungeon grey.

A highlight was done with a mix of dungeon grey and ash grey.

The wrinkles were highlighted with ash grey.

The jacket trim and axe handle were basecoated using a mix of monster brown and skeleton bone.

Then washed with soft tone ink.

And then highlighted with a mix of skeleton bone and white.

The badge, belt and buckle were painted in the same way as the trim, coat and buttons respectively.

A mix of white and black was painted onto the axe and gun.

A further highlight was done with adding more white to the previous mix.

Pure white was used for the final highlight.

Battlefield rocks were glued to the base.

Grass tufts and foliage were then added.

A dilute wash of soft tone ink was used to give a dirty look to the rocks.

The finished model.


  1. thanks for the tutorial, very good job. Your blog is full of good painting.

  2. I'm still amazed by your leather.

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