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Painting tutorial for Walking Dead All Out War Carl Grimes

Part of the Walking Dead All Out War painting tutorials series.

All paints from Army Painter's Warpaints range

Barbarian flesh
Chaotic red
Dungeon grey
Electric blue
Fire lizard
Leather brown
Matt black
Matt white
Mummy robes
Oak brown
Skeleton bone
Tanned flesh
Ultramarine blue
Blue tone ink
Flesh tone ink
Purple tone ink
Soft tone ink
Strong tone ink

- the hoodie was basecoated with chaotic red
- then given a wash of purple tone ink
- chaotic red was reapplied to the hoodie leaving the darker colour in the recesses
- a small amount of tanned flesh was added to the chaotic red and applied broadly to the edges and raised surfaces

- more tanned flesh was added and applied to a smaller area of the raised surfaces of the hoodie
- a final fine highlight was applied using the previous mix with a little white added
- the drawstrings and zipper were basecoated with leather brown and dungeon grey
- a highlight was applied using a mix of the base colour and white

- the pants were basecoated with ultramarine blue
- then washed with blue tone ink
- a mix of ultramarine blue and electric blue was applied leaving the darker colour for the shaded parts
- electric blue was applied to the edges

- a final edge highlight was done using a mix of electric blue and white
- the face was basecoated with barbarian flesh
- then given a wash of flesh tone ink
- barbarian flesh was then reapplied

 - the skin was highlighted by using first a mix of barbarian flesh and skeleton bone
- then mummy robes was added to the previous mix
- mummy robes was used sparingly under the eyes, brow, and nose
- a mix of ultramarine blue and oak brown was used to add extra definition to the details of the face

- the eyes were painted with mummy robes
- the pupils were painted with a mix of black and barbarian flesh
- dilute layers of a mix of chaotic red and barbarian flesh were applied to the cheeks and lips
- the hat, holster and boots were basecoated with oak brown

- all of the leather parts were given a wash of strong tone ink
- the hat and holster were painted with a mix of oak brown and fire lizard
- fire lizard was applied as an edge highlight
- a further edge highlight and scratches were applied using skeleton bone

- the badge and strap were painted with fire lizard and skeleton bone respectively
- then washed with soft tone ink
- a highlight of base colour and white was then applied
- the boots were painted with a mix of oak brown and a leather brown

- the boots were highlighted by adding white to the previous mix
- a further highlight was done by adding more white
- the gun was basecoated with a mix of black and a little white
- the guns details were picked out by adding more white to the mix

- the gun was was given a fine highlight of white
- finally a dilute mix of black and oak brown was applied to the trouser bottoms

The finished model

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