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Painting tutorial for Walking Dead All Out War Derek

Part of the Walking Dead All Out War painting tutorials series. For the latest studio news and tutorials updates follow me on instagram or facebook.

All paints from Army Painter's Warpaints range.

Ash grey
Banshee beige
Deep blue
Dungeon grey
Kobold skin
Mummy robes
Oak brown
Tanned flesh
Dark tone ink
Flesh tone ink

  • The pants were basecoated with deep blue. It's not necessary to paint a fully opaque layer at this stage. Two thin coats should be enough.
  • A wash of dark tone ink was applied over the pants.
  • A mix of deep blue and banshee beige was applied leaving the dark wash in the recesses.
  • More banshee beige was added and applied to as a highlight to the creases.

  • More banshee beige was added to the previous mix and applied as sharply as possible to the creases of the pants.
  • A mix of deep blue and black was used to deepen the shading.
  • The t-shirt was basecoated with ash grey.
  • Very dilute dungeon grey was applied as a wash.

  • Ash grey was used as a highlight.
  • A fine highlight of white finished the t-shirt.
  • The jacket was painted with a mix of oak brown and black. The gun, boots and belt were painted black.
  • A wash of dark tone ink was used over all parts painted in the previous step.

  • The black parts were highlighted by adding increasing amounts of white to the mix.

  • The jacket was painted with oak brown leaving shading in the recesses.
  • Highlights were done by adding banshee beige to oak brown.
  • The skin was basecoated with tanned flesh.

  • A wash of flesh tone ink was applied to the skin.
  • The skin was highlighted by adding kobold skin to tanned flesh.
  • The final highlight was done with mummy robes.

  • Diluted dungeon grey was applied around to give the model an unshaven appearance.
  • The eyes were painted with mummy robes.
  • The pupils were painted with a mix of oak brown and black.
  • The final step was to paint diluted ash grey onto his head.
The finished model.

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