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Zombies Painting Tutorial

In this tutorial I'll be going through the process of painting a zombie from the Walking Dead miniature game.

As usual paints used were from Army Painter's Warpaints range.

I started by priming the models using the leather brown spray paint.

The other parts of the model were all basecoated leaving the leather brown for the skin.

The first highlight was done by mixing banshee brown and the basecolour. Banshee brown is off white similar to the old citadel colour bleached bone. You could also use another beige or ivory coloured paint. The highlighting process was done a lot quicker than usual without being too concerned with achieving smooth transitions between each layer. What's more important is getting a good contrast.

I added more banshee brown.

I added white for a further highlight. I used small brushstrokes to add texture and details.

This would be a good time to add any freehand details to the clothing.

To shade the models I used washes of strong tone ink. Rather than applying all over I tried to avoid the highlighted areas and instead pushed the wash into the recesses.

I applied more strong tone ink with some areas getting four or fives layers. It's important to let each layer dry. Neatly applying only small amounts of wash can reduce the drying time.

i used a mix of brown and black to outline the different parts of the model.

I used different warpaint inks to add colour variations to the skin and increase the shading on the clothing.

I used dilute white to lighten a few areas that had been darkened too much with the washes. The effect looks exaggerated in the photo but this step is really just to correct any mistakes from before.

The are many different ways to paint blood effects. Being a poor artist I use mixes of diluted black and red paint.

The finished models.

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